Gather A Wine Tasting Experience In Your Neighborhood

Published on: Jul 24, 2018 by Gloria Atherstone1 comment

Why Gather Wine?

I love the wine tasting experience! The fantastically old and musty aroma that welcomes you into the cave, the exceptional architecture of modern wineries, the artful housing of an ancient process; but most of all, I love the feeling of community wine builds.

When you go wine tasting, there is instant commaradeir? People with little else in common begin to converse, share and talk. Granted, we will never get rid of the couple texting or taking selfie's, but with wine there is engagement.

That's Gather, a community where people talk, engage, celebrate and revel in the moment. Gather's footprint is small, but our collection is killer (so I have been told).

No pretention or attitude, a twist on the traditional. "A Modern Retail Wine Lounge" if you want to name it. We feature incredible small production wines and you never feel intimated or pushed to buy. Our argon preservation system lets us open any wine you may want to taste or enjoy by the glass. We provide the best wine tasting experience we can, all in a beautiful neighborhood destination dedicated to its community!

Join us and share CRAZY GOOD WINE!













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