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Gather welcomes you to an intimate space where you can unwind after the workday, connect with friends, and experience great wine.

  • WINE CLUBS - We make joining a wine club fun. We offer a unique "Pick & Click "format, allowing you to choose each and every bottle.


  • WINE BAR - The most extensive collection of BY THE GLASS wines available locally, six beers on draft, 20 craft beers in bottles/ cans, nibbles and more.
  • WINE TASTING - Explore new wines with our $5 and $10 dollar tasting menu.
  • WINE FLIGHTS - Discover the subtle nuances between three different wines, compare and contrast, before committing to your favorite.
  • BOTTLE SHOP - over 300 wines ( the majority retailing for under 50 dollars), an impressive selection of craft beer, cider, and spirits.

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Our Team

Gloria Atherstone

Gather is the confluence of great timing and a thirty-year love affair with all things WINE.

Retirement did not come naturally for serial entrepreneur Gloria Atherstone. After selling her company in 2014, Gloria opted for less chaos, more travel and spending precious time with her children, friends, family and her lovable lab Mojo.

Retirement was short lived. Gloria's ongoing affair with Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir was the perfect pairing for a second career as an event planner within Napa Valley's thriving event community.

After spending time shoulder to shoulder with many of the valley most prestigious and influential wine families; Gloria was hooked!

"Wine is a lifestyle; it's hard to explain! The feeling of community among the menagerie of people whose hard work create this experience is incredible. Shopkeepers, farm workers, rich hippies, and affluent farmers all working together day by day, side by side. That's old school, and I'm so very excited and proud to be a part of this community."

OJ Olson

OJ Olson ( Harry Donald Olson Jr), get's a grin every time he introduces himself. The connotation of his name OJ is now immortal; however, OJ was OJ long before the notorious white Bronco made headlines.

How did a lifelong Alameda Island boy and professional sailor find himself sniffing, sipping and swirling alongside his partner Gloria Atherstone?

"If you can't beat them join them! I always enjoyed wine but never understood what the hoopla was all about. I was happy to be a beer drinking savant vs. wine geek."

Now OJ is fully vested. Hours of tasting, hundreds of winey tours and tasting room visits he concedes he is hooked. "The passion of a winemaker is equal to any artist. The creation of wine is an expression of themselves, what they give to the soil and what it gives back. As a professional sailor I understand that level of passion for a part of nature you can't control."

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